Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Introducing OurCaste

Blogging, it's a funny thing. When you start, it's you doing the searching, trawling the internet to find things you (and others) might like. After a while, people start approaching you, asking if you (and others) might like their brand.

Don't get me wrong, there's still a fair amount of trawling to be done, as it still throws up the most interesting finds (see these beer growlers - what's a beer growler? I bet you're asking).

I'm glad people do approach us bloggers though. I can't count the number of brands, products, and adventures I'd have missed if people hadn't.

OurCaste are one such brand, all the way from sunny California. Would I have heard of them if they hadn't emailed me? No. Am I glad they did? Most definitely.

OurCaste are the sort of brand where I scroll through the online store and want everything. Their clothes are perfect for me. Not showy, not 'fashionista', not highly sartorial - just that perfect American workwear style, focusing on solid, straightforward design, with the odd quirk, colour, or feature to give each piece an edge.

I own a pair of their Paul - DWR trousers - a nice gift from the guys at OurCaste, I will admit; but people have sent me things before and I've not written so kindly about them (the most recent being that aloe vera drink - grim).

I like the look of their check shirts too, as well as the plain single pocket tees. I imagine if these are of a similar quality to the Paul trousers, they'd be a very good buy indeed.

Check them out here!

Images: OurCaste.

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