Saturday, 13 December 2014

Oi Polloi + Adidas | Introducing the Ardwick

Trainers breed fanatics. Not just people who love this type of footwear (see #thedailytrainer), but people who are obsessed with a particular style or brand, considering to buy or wear no other.

When it comes to Adidas, Nigel Lawson, of Manchester based clothing store Oi Polloi, is most definitely in the fanatic category. And now, he's had his just rewards for years of championing the brand, working with Adidas to create a trainer exclusively for Oi Polloi - the Ardwick.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll let the words of Oi Pollio's own blog explain the project, the product, and some of the obscure tales behind their obsession with trainers.

Oi Polloi have 200 pairs of Adidas Ardwicks to sell in-store from 8am on Sunday 14th December. Get queuing now!

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