Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sony MDR-1A - High-Resolution Audio Headphones

Last month, Sony sent me a Walkman and a pair of headphones. A Walkman! I know! They do still exist.

I've been meaning to review both, but life keeps getting in the way. Well, life, work, and other blogging that's also been late.

Trips, product samples, opening nights, restaurant reviews, and (of course) earning money. It can be tough, sometimes, fitting all of this stuff in, let alone writing about it afterwards.

Trying out the Walkman is going to take time - I'm fairly wedded to Spotify and will need to get some decent music on there before I give it a go.

The headphones though, well they're just plug and play. So away we go!

Like Beats by Dre (they probably didn't want me to mention those), the Sony MDR-1A High-Resolution Audio headphones are a large, chunky pair of headphones, that completely cover your ears, block out ambient noise, and let you disappear into your music.

Unlike Beats, these aren't a bright lurid colour; instead, the MDR-1As are a more stylish, grown-up set of headphones.

The sound quality is superb, they really put the wire headphones to shame. The build quality is great too. Weight is a sign of reliability, as they say in Snatch.

And that's about it. What more do you want from headphones? Quality sound, a quality feel, and a stylish look. Cheers Sony!

p.s. Review of the Walkman to publish soon. Honest!

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