Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Competition | Mainline Weekend Break x Lyle & Scott

I’ve got massive love for golf. It reminds me of being a kid - a much simpler time. I’d watch Sunday Grandstand religiously, with my Granddad. We’d rattle through the sports like we had somewhere to be. Football, gymnastics, snooker, rugby (boring, should have been replaced with pro wrestling if you ask me), F1 and golf. The latter sparked a different feeling, I found it so relaxing to watch; it was a slow pace but high impact. The commentary was on another level too.

Chasing that white ball in the deep, thick cloud was another story though. Why did’t they use orange balls?!

Years later and I still haven’t been to any major tournaments, but I’d love to. My Granddad is sadly long gone, but I know it would bring back those found memories.

The guys at Mainline Clothing are running a rather special competition with Lyle & Scott at the moment - the first prize is two tickets to the British Open, up in Scotland, plus swanky accommodation for the weekend!

If you’re not the lucky number one (and believe me, I’m hoping it’s me) then there’s a couple of runner up prizes - second prize is £500 to spend on Lyle & Scott drapes, and third is £300 for a little bit less swag.

Actually, why I am writing this? I want to win, but let’s strike a deal, if you win then I can be your +1 right? Guys…?

Just to remind you of those prizes:

1. Two tickets to the British Open, plus accommodation
2. £500 to spend at Lyle and Scott
3. £300 to spend at Lyle and Scott

What are you waiting for?! Enter now!

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