Wednesday, 22 April 2015

What's your route? Nike + Glenmuir

Runners seem to be creatures of habit - I know I am. Favourite shorts, favourite t-shirt, favourite socks, favourite trainers, favourite route. All the favourites.

It probably won't come as a surprise that my favourite running shoes are Nikes. Well, they didn't use to be. I was more of an Asics man, but trying out some Lunar Flyknits has changed my preference. They're incredibly light, yet solid enough to provide some support on the endless concrete, stone, and asphalt I pound along in London.

Pound. Ha ha. As if I go that fast! I counted at least five people who overtook me on the way home tonight.

That's my most travelled route. The run home from a client's office - when I'm there. It's a great run. Shoreditch, to the City, over the bridge at St Paul's, and then a long home stretch along the South Bank.

A few small ups, a few small downs, and plenty of tourists to dodge in the summer. Distraction comes from the brilliance of London. The different views, different landmarks, different running surfaces. Perfect.

Aside from that, I try my best to mix things up. A loop around Westminster is a particular favourite, but I'm starting to explore a bit further by running along tube line or two and catching the train back.

I'm sure the other folks on the tube are happy with that! Although, I'm usually well dressed - donning Glenmuir base layers. They're good in the cold and the warm. Wicking away the sweat or holding in the warmth.

Anyway, that's my route (or two) what about yours?

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