Friday, 22 May 2015

Capsule Collection OLOW x Jean Jullien

The creative + arts industry is full of collaborations. In fact, we’re surely over the tipping point right now (anyone interesting in trends, saturation and consumerism should read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point)? They have become standard practice, especially in the fashion industry, so what on earth do they mean anymore?

Stick two brands together to slightly tweak a product - adding a new colour eyelet hole, or literally just a brand name makes things “exclusive” and only made in “limited numbers” these days. I’m not knocking it, heck I buy into these things like a lot of people.

Hype is a tricky subject though, if we write about something on Buckets and Spades, or share something on socials are we adding to consumer hype, sharing what we think is cool or subconsciously doing the a marketing company’s job for free?

One collab I was keen on was the recently Sperry x Gray Malin Photography collection - using Malin’s colourful images on Sperry’s classic boat and slip ons. For me it worked, it made sense, they did a cool job of it and it looked pretty sweet. Thoughtful I reckon, and that’s what I want.

Another collab that caught my eye was the new range by OLOW, in partnership with French illustrator Jean Jullien. His playful and somewhat childlike doodle + childlike style lends itself really nicely to a small range of tees, shirts and caps.

Check out this short video interview with Jean Jullien, which outlines the project, and gives you a better insight into why the collaboration works.

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