Saturday, 21 March 2015

Luxury Travel | Virgin Limited Edition

We all see travel pictures on Instagram that look a Extremely golden sands, ludicrously blue skies, perfectly manicured palm trees. When you find a website like Virgin Limited Edition though, you can bet that these pictures are more or less accurate.

These exclusive holiday destinations are owned by Richard Branson and the list includes his very own private island - Necker.

With so much money spent on these places, I imagine an almost unlimited photography budget allows someone to wait for as long as is necessary for the perfect shot to appear.

Destinations include South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Switzerland, and our very own London - the gardens of which are apparently open to the public. That's about all that is, mind you. These places are so exclusive, there's no price list, no online booking forms; instead, you drop them an email and hope that they call you back - that's if you have the cash, of course.

I don't think I'll be making an appearance in any of these places soon - although, there are trips to Jamaica and Mozambique on the horizon, so who knows where I might end up staying.

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