Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sources of Inspiration | BBC News Magazine

While writing a piece for Buckets and Spades on the fabulous Shinola watches, I started thinking of all of the places I take inspiration from - the magazines I read, the websites I visit, that sort of thing.

I don't keep a list, more a general eye across the various people I follow on Twitter.

It's helpful knowing Mat, as he frequently points me in the direction of decent looking websites: It's Nice That, for instance.

Other bloggers will also throw a few pieces of interest my way. Yasumi of WorshipBlues is very good at doing that, as well as producing incredible content herself.

One source that I'd say is generally overlooked is BBC News Magazine. Their pieces occasionally appear on the BBC News website's 'Most Popular' column, but I doubt many people take the time to scour the magazine section fully and discover the gems hidden within it.

They produce incredibly insightful and often moving writing. Take the piece on Captain Mbaye Diagne, working in Rwanda in the 1990s, for example; or the terrifying story from Alex Owumi, 'I played basketball for Gaddafi' - a great, but disturbing read.

They also produce pieces that are 'lighter'. A series of videos that I've shared around a bit on Twitter feature a man who makes £100,000 watches, one who paints fairground signs, and another who whittles spoons.

These strangely absorbing videos deliver a fascinating view of someone else's work, craft, and life, reminding me (and hopefully others) that living isn't just about chasing money and sitting in-front of an illuminated screen each and every day.

It's the inspiration to try something new, try something different, and to keep on looking for new sources of direction and inspiration.

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