Saturday, 21 March 2015

On the Road | ourCaste: The Paul - DWR

A post that involves a photo shoot is hugely time consuming. Just taking the pics can take half a day, a whole day, or an entire weekend. Then there's editing, curating, and resizing, before you even begin writing.

As well as blogging, I work, so I don't often have the time - let alone the skill - for a full photo shoot.

I feel guilty, as people send me some really cool products that I don't feel I can always do justice to.

These Paul - DWR trousers (they'd say pants) from ourCaste over in California are a case in point. I've had them a week and worn them three times already. They're lightweight, ridiculously comfortable, and pretty smart for workwear.

But when will I get time to shoot them for a post?

Perhaps that question misses the point though. My blog isn't about staged shoots, it's about clothes I wear in everyday life - and what better way to showcase a pair of durable water resistant trousers (DWR - get it?) than shooting while out working?

Now don't laugh. As any commuter will tell you, English trains - especially the tube - are not clean places. Spilt coffee in the mornings, dropped chicken in the evenings, and the ubiquitous discarded chewing gum are all obstacles of terror to dodge each day.

And, after a two hour journey down to Brighton (again), I want to look moderately smart to meet my client.

These trousers can take it. A day spent jumping between trains, sat in a university class room, balancing near endless cups of coffee on my knee, and rushing frantically between stations to make it back to London in time for climbing. All of it, taken in my stride (excuse the pun).

I was almost tempted to keep the trousers on for climbing too. I reckon the chalk would brush off the Paul DWRs fairly easily and afterwards, I could fold them back in the cupboard ready to tackle the perils of the next long commute - wherever that might take me.

Check out the rest of ourCaste's range here.

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