Monday, 16 March 2015

Go-to piece | Ben Sherman Harrington

For a time, I commuted quite far everyday. We’re talking a pre-6.00am alarm call here.

An organised person who had to get up so early would set-out their clothes for each and every morning the night before.

Not me.

Nope, I had the morning routine down to a cool 15 minutes, which meant I arrived at the train station with the three minutes necessary to bully the staff at Nero to deliver a lightning fast black coffee.

When it came to clothes, I adopted a uniform. Black shoes, black jeans, polo shirt, jumper, and Harrington.

Every day, those items would be within arms reach. No need to iron, no need to do up buttons, no need to tuck things in. Quick, easy, and shaved extra minutes of my prep that I could spend in bed.

My Harrington jacket from Ben Sherman became my staple and I continue to wear it today.

It’s so versatile. Open when warm, closed when cold (you know, that classic way in which a coat works), it can fend off a light shower, and be stuffed in a rucksack without harm. It also has a neatness that is perfect for post-work drinks and the 10.00pm train home, yet doesn’t look out of place in the office.


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