Sunday, 14 June 2015

Glastonbury Revisited

Last year, I went to Glastonbury. This year, I'm going again.

Last year, we arrived in the setting sunshine of the Wednesday evening. It had been a smooth and fast drive down from home and as we passed Stonehenge, it was bathed in a warm orange glow. We weren't worried about the sunlight not holding out. We had two tents a stack of beers, and all of our bags balanced on a trolley. We were easily going to make it!

The problem was, we had two tents, a stack of beers, and all of our bags on a trolley. The trolley cost £15. The trolley was made from a metal softer than cheese. The trolley trundled five yards from the car, hit a squashed coke can, fell over, and crumbled into dust.


The next two and a half hours (yeah, you read that right) were spent walking the three miles back and forth, carrying all of our equipment (and beer) by hand. It was as fun as it sounds!

Then, the next day, it rained. It didn't stop raining until we left either. Such heavy rain and such loud thunder that at one point they shut everything down to avoid potential catastrophe.

So anyway...this year, I'm going again!

Surely though that shows just how great Glastonbury is? A disaster when we arrived and soaked all weekend, yet I still want to go again.

Okay, this time I'm praying for sunshine, but rain or shine the experience of 180,000 people (that's larger than a lot of UK towns) crammed into a small valley in the middle of rural Somerset is too good to miss.

Honestly, it's one of the best experiences going. Forget the queues for the toilets. Forget the toilets, in fact. Forget the long walks, lack of sleep, acres of mud, seas of sweaty people, spilt drinks, overflowing bins, shoving, pushing, tripping, crying, shouting. Forget ALL of that. Next year, get tickets, go and everything aside, you'll have a fantastic time.

Just please God, don't let the wheel fall of the trolley again!

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