Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I Sunk Your Battleship: T-shirts with style, made in the UK

The staple t-shirt is something that lines every wardrobe. A collection of grey tops that can be worn often and replaced without huge expense.

The problem is, they're usually replaced a little more often than most of us would like. Quickly out of shape after a few washes, it's back to the high street to load up on a handful more.

Buy cheap, buy twice - as the old saying goes.

What about a staple for a few pounds more though? And not just a dull grey staple either. Something with a bit more variety, a better cut, and some decent designs to choose from.

For £30, the t-shirts from I Sunk Your Battleship (cool name!) are a stylish set and aren't going to break the bank.

It's not all they do - there's a good looking range of hoodies and some colourful beanies - but it's a good t-shirt that always catches my eye.

Oh, and did I mention, they're made in the UK too?

Available online they're definitely a brand worth checking out now and one to keep an eye on for the future too...so get following them on Twitter.

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