Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ben's Cookies | That perfect post-lunch boost

Okay, it's an odd one for a blog with this title, but sometimes you have to shout about those things that fall outside of the editorial remit (what editorial remit?).

Ben's Cookies was always a post lunch option I was dragged to (willingly) by a former colleague. A massive dose of sugar and calories that felt oh so wrong, but oh so right.

Blogging is hard work, so after a sandwich and in-between meetings I decided to introduce Mat to these delights. He liked them so much, he stuck a picture up on Instagram almost immediately.

So many likes - clearly they're doing something right!

If you're ever walking past or if you work close-by, grab one (or two) on Oxford Street. My tip? The dark chocolate and ginger can't be beat.

Image: Mat_Buckets.

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