Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pendleton x NikeiDs x ASOS

When I was a kid, designing your own trainers involved colouring them in with felt-pen. Honestly, there was a trainer you could buy made specifically for the purpose. Totally white, with some (probably poisonous) luminous pens that would stain your sneakers, fingers, sofa, and walls.

Oh well, I'm sure it's done me no harm. If I even had a pair, that is.

NikeiDs take this ace idea and do it properly.

From their website, you can customise your trainers however you like - and I do mean HOWEVER you like. The choice of options is ridiculous. From the eyelets, to the laces, to the colours of the specks on the sole, everything is up for grabs, even the name on the back (or tongue)!

We were lucky enough to get some help with the design. Some of Nike's finest folks to guide us throw the process, a beer, and a donut, all served up at ASOS HQ in North London. The one stipulation, or rather encouragement, was that we used Pendleton fabrics.

I know what you're thinking. Nike, ASOS, and now Pendleton? How many brands does one trainer need? And who are Pendleton?

The first answer is yes, the second three, and the third, check out Pendleton's history here.

Pendleton are a brand that Americans know very well, but hasn't had much in the way of exposure over here. It's a shame. We're really missing out. Their shirts are brilliant and fit right in with my love of Levi's and Red Wing. Basically, a classic American workwear brand. Perfect!

Anyway, being given some fabrics to play with in the design of the trainer was actually quite fun, rather than restraining. At least it gave me somewhere to start, rather than the completely blank slate available to anyone visiting the NikeiD website.

We're back at that felt-pen training again or perhaps I'm just someone who needs a helping hand when it comes to creativity.

Either way, I'm very pleased with my trainers, so much so I'm making another pair...more on that soon.

Image: My Instagram (mostly).

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