Thursday, 26 February 2015

Going Old Skool | Casio F-91W

Who doesn't know the Casio F-91W?

Maybe someone who grew up in the 2000s, rather than the 1990s - sure.

Even then I'd expect them to recognise it (embarrassingly) as some sort of vintage time-piece that's only cool because it's so ancient: buying one for five-times it's worth from a market stall on Brick Lane and then amusing their friends by showing them something electronic that isn't touch-screen.

Endless fun.

I bought one because I run. And damn useful it is too, showing me just how badly I am at estimating time. Eight minutes?! I've only been running for eight minutes?! This watch MUST be broken.

But it's not. The Casio F-91W is too reliable to be wrong. Water resistant to a depth not stated, it'll survive a shower and possibly a deep bath. The batteries last forever and the face never seems to suffer a scratch. So reliable, in fact, some claim it's the watch of choice for Al-Qaeda. Crazy stuff!

Images: My Instagram.

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