Thursday, 9 April 2015

Making my Nike iDs

I've been lucky recently, to say the least. About a year ago, I owned a single pair of Nikes (Nike Free 5.0 in black, if you're asking). Now, I own five.

Now there's a well worn pair of trainers!

Yep, that's right, five pairs. One for each day of the week and a pair of slippers for the weekend. I'm getting old.

Three of my pairs are iDs, with the fourth a 'thank you' present for an NFL training session at Wembley (Nike 5.0 Trainers, if you're asking).

The iD process is simple, the actual undertaking is not. Log-in, choose your shoes, and then spend an age agonising about exactly how they're to look.

Don't forget, these are a pair of shoes that define you - as you're the one who made them!

Left to my own devices, I choose the conservative option. My Lunar Flyknits and my Free Flyknits, both black. But I've tried my best to push my own creativity and go for some bold colours. The Lunars are orange, while the Frees glow in the dark - honest, they do!

The third pair - the first iDs I ever made - are a little different. Working with Pendleton, we were convinced / persuaded / encouraged to push the boat out a little. So they're green, grey, and red, with a large white sole.

A very different pair, I worried for weeks that they'd look terrible, and that's the 'problem' (read: fun) of iDs - the panic over what the trainers will look like in the end.

I needn't have worried and I don't care what anyone else thinks, these are without doubt my favourite pair of trainers. Hopefully they'll last me a few more years before I'm back on the Nike iD website yet again.

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