Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Store Visit | Percival, London

Any time I visit London, my “downtime" blurs into my “uptime” (is that a word?). It seems like it’s a done-deal now that Nik and I will no doubt end up searching for new, interesting, and curious shops to visit, no matter what area of London we find ourselves in.

It never feels like work though - yes it’s all research, but most of the time you end up seeing new things you like and get to chat to new people about their businesses (or rather just hearing where you're likely find them on a Friday night: #menswearchat).

Percival is one of those brands we came across on our latest walk around Soho.

Seriously, how confusing is that place? It’s like a maze.

The upside of this is you stumble across stuff you had no intention of finding. I’m no stranger to Percival as a brand - featuring them on Buckets and Spades a few times previously - but for those who are new, they’re a menswear brand from London.

The cool thing about Percival's flagship Soho store on Bewick Street is that they design all of their collections from the basement below their retail space.

Cool right?

The guys behind the brand are passionate about keeping production as close to home as possible, using tried-and-tested factories, all a stone’s throw away from Central London. You can really see the passion coming through into their designs too - spend a few minutes in their store all you'll quickly see that their quality and designs are second-to-none.

It’s not just the gear that’s good looking though. One look at the well-designed print on their brown paper bags or the intricate laser-cut concrete flooring, and you know Percival mean business.

Check out this short video on the brand to hear more about their design process.

You can find Percival at 43 Bewick Street, Soho, London WF1 8SB.

- Mat. Editor of Buckets and Spades.

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Images: Mat Pike.

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