Friday, 23 January 2015

Peregrine’s Merino wool collection | Is winter over yet?

It seems strange to be writing about spring/summer wear when winter is at its coldest. The idea of wearing anything less than two layers under a giant jumper and even larger coat makes me feel cold at the very thought.

The seasons change quickly though. Before you know it, the tube is unbearable again and all you need to wear in London is a thin rain coat.

These jumpers from Peregrine are perfect for the spring days. They'd be good for a cool summer and a mild winter too. You know, that classic British weather that has my skin growing paler by the minute.

They're definitely on the smarter side of my wardrobe. But maybe that's no bad thing. The big birthday was last year and it could well be time to don the brogues a little more often and dress a little more 'professionally'.

Then again, what with a new pair of Nikes fresh from the box, I think I'd be putting these Peregrine jumpers straight into that constant jeans, jumper, and trainers rotation. Whatever feels most comfortable!

Images: Peregrine

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