Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sources of Inspiration | My Bookcase

It's slightly odd to cite a bookcase as a source of inspiration, but mine is one of only four pieces of furniture I own, so it’s 25% of the stuff that surrounds me while I work.

There it sits, in the corner, holding almost all of the possessions I once dragged in a suitcase to London - or rather, piled in the back of my sister's car.

The desk is plain black, the bedside table is plain black, the bed is just a bed. The bookcase (also plain black - good old Ikea!) is the only item that holds anything of colour, significance, and interest. It's where I collect my Oyster card from in the morning and where I throw my change every night.

The items that line its shelves, that balance precariously on top, I see almost every day. A constant reminder that I should finally watch that film, read that book once again, bin those old copies of Esquire, and find an accountant.

Some of these items have sentimental value. Most are just bits and piece I’ve picked up along the way, forever telling myself that on a ‘rainy day’ I’ll sort through them and decide what to do.

While waiting for that rainy day that never happens, they’ll sit there, gathering dust and trickling memories through my mind.

In the pictures:

- Cubitts' glasses cloth: such a fantastic piece of artwork, produced just to clean glasses. This immaculate attention to detail is why I like the Cubitts brand and it's a constant reminder of how blogging introduces you to a wealth of new people, brands, and ideas.

- Chocolate from the DMZ: this chocolate is made in a collaborative factory located between North and South Korea. Bizarre for me to have it, I know. I still haven't eaten any, for some reason the chocolate just seems better to own.

- The Trip: one of my favourite TV series. Perfectly crafted, perfectly cited, perfectly filmed. I was lucky enough last year to visit Bolton Priory for a hotel review. And no, I didn't attempt to run across the stepping stones.

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