Monday, 1 June 2015

Sabel | Handmade, bespoke watch straps

Okay, a service I haven't used isn't something I'd usually cover. But, I've been feeling pretty guilty as Mia Sabel invited me along to her pop-up at Fortnum & Mason and I couldn't make it.

Or rather, I said I could and then my plans changed at the last minute.

Anyway, although most days I wear a dependable Casio, I do own something a little better and the strap is looking worryingly worn. So visiting Mia would have been perfect! Oh well, you can't do everything life sends your way - unfortunately.

From what I've seen on Instagram, Mia is pretty good at her craft, to say the least! It's worth giving her a follow on Twitter too, just to see when the next pop-up will be or simply to admire her good work!

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