Sunday, 29 March 2015

A blog to read | Our Ruins

Abandoned places are one of my favourite subjects. Not to visit, really - aside from an East German skate park and a VW camper van graveyard, I don't have the bottle for that.

Besides, other folks cover them far better - Worship Blues' post on Porto being one of the best examples I've ever seen.

Our Ruins is a blog that focus exclusively on abandoned places. And it's stunning. Truly stunning. Incredible places, with flawless photography. If you like abandoned places, this is one to bookmark, follow, read, and absorb.

The pictures are mostly (perhaps exclusively) locations in Texas. These guys clearly have an abundance of suitable places on their doorstep; however, we all do - I'm sure of it - and it takes real skill, commitment, and courage to go out and shoot them.

Take a look at their blog, gain some inspiration, and go and shoot!

Images: Our Ruins and one from me of the German skate park.

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