Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Boris Becker + PUMA Court Star Emboss Pack

I love Boris Becker, me. He’s a cool guy - cooler than me, cooler than you, and cooler than the sport he found fame in.

Well that’s my opinion anyway.

I’m not a huge lover of tennis, I don’t mind it, but I just don’t love it. “Der Boom”, as his friends call him made my first tennis experience ten times better, so if The B Man is going to endorse a brand then the chances are I’ll stand up and listen.

Becker was often seen gracing the green square in a pair of Puma sneakers  - the clean stripe down the side, perforated details and subtle grid detail on the new updated PUMA Court Star Emboss Pack might not be a direct replica of what we would have worn back in the 80s, but they look pretty fresh for 2015.

I’d wear them, and I’d like to think B Dawg would do to. Remember, he’s a very cool man indeed, so he’s probably even too cool for tennis these days. As I type this he’s probably sipping super-strength Columbian espresso from a porcelain cup, while being dapped down by a host of beauties in the sun some place, planning his next cool-guy adventure.

Meanwhile, I’m in Lancashire, drinking Robinsons Peach Cordial, wearing four layers and a wool hat, planning for what time I’m going to make it down to the Tesco’s clearance aisle to bag some out-of-date carrots.

What’s the connection? Well, me and B Bizzle could both be wearing a pair of PUMA Court Star, looking as cool as a pair of overly chilled cucumbers. He doesn’t even know how important that clearance aisle is…and he’s probably not bothered.

Be as cool as the Beckmeister. The PUMA Court Star Emboss Pack is available in three colours, black, navy and white at Size?, Hanon, and 5 Pointz this April.

- Mat. Editor of Buckets and Spades.

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(or down the clearance aisle in Tesco)

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