Friday, 6 March 2015

Running News | Nike+ Running Partnerships

For a clothing brand, Nike are a fairly innovative company - now that's an understatement and a half! Not just content with offering up trainers, clothes, and sports accessories, they're keen on getting involved at every level with both amateur and professional sports folks.

Take running. The Nike+ system was a way for runners (or gym-goers) to measure what they're doing in a more tangible way than simply distance and time. And more than that, the system is designed to encourage you to maintain and increase the intensity of your exercise each and every day. It certainly worked for me!

Now Nike have partnered with some other tech providers - Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo, and Netpulse - to expand the 'usability' of Nike+, allowing it to integrate with other systems and tech that people are using to aid their training.

Exciting stuff!

You can read more about the Nike+ and their new partnerships here.

Image: Nike News.

More on Nike: Nike Free Trainer 3.0.

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