Monday, 19 January 2015

Keeping Fit | Original Penguin: Vintage Gym Collection

I do love me some gym gear. Even my first post for Buckets and Spades, all those twelve months ago, was on a selection of clothes for the gym.

Original Penguin have just launched their own gym range, with a 1950s feel about it. There's exactly what you'd expect in here, t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants, and gym bags - all great looking stuff.

What's most interesting though, is rather than the typical press release with images attached, Original Penguin have done something...well...original.

Working with the incredible photographer Jonathan D Pryce (otherwise known as Garçon Jon) - and I don't say that to encourage a RT from him, check out his images here! - Original Penguin have spoken to four guys who like their fashion as much as they like their fitness.

Basketball, callisthenics (look it up!), tennis, and dancing. It's quite a range and hopefully it will inspire folks to try something new or help them push on with whatever exercise they love.

Like fitness? Check out my attempt at Tough Mudder and read the reasons why I run.

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