Monday, 5 January 2015

Barbour x Deus-Ex Machina | Menswear meets motocycles

2014 was a year of collaborations for Barbour - they turned the level up to the max, picking to work with some straight-up menswear brands as well as more unconventional ones too.

Land Rover, Pantone, Norton & Sons, and adidas all made for suitable pairings. Did anyone get their hands on the adidas collab by the way? That stuff will surely be worth a packet by 2020.

As 2014 came to a close, Barbour hooked up with Australian motorcycle lifestyle brand Deus-Ex Machina (which literally means “God from the machine”), to create a range of t-shirts, knitwear, bags and, of course, biking-suitable outerwear.

My favourite piece is the Barbour International x Deus -Ex Machina Horace Jacket, which takes inspiration from their iconic jackets which were popularised by the motorcycling crowd and 50s/60s Hollywood film stars alike. Featuring a short body, reinforced elbows, slanted map pocket, throat fastening and iconic black and gold Barbour International logo.

I guess this is what happens when the cold North East of England meets the dry flat streets of Oz? Makes perfect sense, Steve McQueen would have no doubt given this the nod.

- Mat

Pictures: Barbour and Deus Ex Machina Instagram. Words: Mat, Editor of Buckets and Spades.

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