Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hidden London | East London Liquor Company

Blogging sends you on some odd assignments.

I say 'sends you' - no one sends you; instead, out of the blue arrives an email offering some sort of trip, visit, and/or possible adventure.

I say 'odd', but I really mean interesting, different, not the usual thing you'd choose to do or even get the opportunity to do.

Last year, I partied on a Paris rooftop, cooked breakfast for the guys at Glenrothes, mixed my own whisky with Glenfiddich, ran the River Wharfe to the Valley of Desolation, and swapped the Northern Line for a week's commute along the golden sandy bay of Playa de La Concha.

Not bad really, when all's said and done.

I've also stayed a bit closer to home, a trip to the East London Liquor Company, for example.

After following Mat for a 'behind the  scenes' shoot for Natural Selection London the day before, we were both back on the same stretch of canal to visit the East London Liquor Company as part of Virgin Experience Days.

Being a one room distillery, the tour was short, but still damn interesting for a geek like me. It was then on to the best part of any alcohol tour, the tasting.

Gin, gin, and more gin. What a way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Unlike some of the other trips, this one is open to everyone. Check out Virgin Experience Days or pay them a visit yourself.

Here's to more trips, travel, and adventure in 2015!

Looking for more to do in London? Check out more in the Hidden London series.

Images: My Instagram.

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