Sunday, 18 January 2015

Men’s Grooming | The Bearded Man Co.

Beard oil. Is it something I ever thought I need? No. Is it something I ever wanted? Not really. Is it something I like now I have some? Definitely!

Credit where credit’s due, I really knew nothing about the stuff until Christmas, when a small present of The Bearded Man Co’s oil arrived from friends up North.

It did take me a few days to bother to use any. I mean, when do you think it’s necessary?

Deodorant - check. Aftershave - check. Beard oil - …

Exactly. But when I did, wow. Now it’s going on every day.

Why? I like coffee. Let’s not mess around here. I love coffee. It’s currently Sunday evening and I’m guessed it - coffee!

So, when I opened that packet and saw the words ‘black coffee’ staring back at me, I knew this could be a winner. And it does. It really does smell like black coffee. Fresh, decent black coffee at that. Crisp and delicious, it’s a faint fragrance that I’m carrying around for at least three or fours hours. It sure as hell beats the stagnant pong of rank sweat on the Northern Line.

The Bearded Man Co. have over 40 different oils to try. It has to be fresh cut grass for me next, just in time for the summer.

Check out their site here and also check out their fledgling ‘Behind the Beard’ series, most recently featuring Ricki Hall - he of Gaolhouse Denim modelling fame - and no doubt me soon...I’m just waiting for that call.

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