Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hidden London | Discount Suit Company

London always does well in any 'World's Best Bar' competition. There are so many, that some bloggers have forged a career purely from covering bars in the city alone.

It's an envious job, but not one I relish. As with most things, once you scratch the surface of a seemingly simple subject (drinking), the complexity underneath is bewildering.

Besides, what makes a good bar? What makes a good cocktail?

I've been to many which offer one, but not the other. And, even when I've found one that ticks both boxes, I've no doubt that not everyone would agree with my opinion.

I'd find it hard for anyone to argue with the Discount Suit Company though.

I can't take credit for this find. It was my girlfriend who took me there and at first, I thought either she or Google Maps had lost the plot.

A very short walk from the bar laden streets of Liverpool Street, lies a complex warren of roads lined with cheap clothes shops and market stalls - all closed after 6.00pm. It's not a place you want to linger and not many people do, using it instead as a cut-through towards the bright lights of Spitalfields or the City.

But, she wasn't wrong (rarely is, to be honest - I should have known better!).

This is where the bar is.

Through a dark doorway and down an even darker flight of stairs, the low ceiling-ed basement bar of Discount Suit Company is hidden behind a thick black curtain. It's a cosy place, with a wall of yellow wall lights and tables of tiny candles dancing in jars.

So while the location may be dubious, the atmosphere gets a big tick. The drinks, however, get an even bigger one. The bar staff know what they're doing, mixing up perfect cocktails from a short, but well defined list.

I actually don't recall what we had. It was a while ago that I last visited - dragging Mat from Buckets and Spades along to have a look on one of our London blogging outings, sponsored by a beer company. Work that one out!

Regardless, I remember none of the drinks negatively and nothing negative about the whole experience. Even when full on a Friday (so perhaps not that 'hidden' after all), the bar service is lightning quick. Just what you want after a hard days blogging.

Pictures: Discount Suit Company and Jaxx Nelson on Instagram.

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