Monday, 12 January 2015

Denim | Levi's Vintage

The title of this blog probably makes most people surprised or disappointed when they see it not littered with jeans.

The title is taken from a joke that only me and about one other person understand or find in the least bit funny.

In fact, it's probably only me that does. Fashion humour is pretty far down the scale.

There's no aversion to denim here, there's just not that much knowledge, understanding, or deep burning passion. For that, check guys like Son of a Stag out.

There's an appreciation of denim, though. Brands like Huit, Edwin, and Tellason have really stood out for me in the past year, offering a product that they clearly care about.

Let's not turn noses up at the High Street though. The best tip for jeans I've ever had is from Mat of Buckets and Spades - what's on offer at Uniqlo is ludicrously good quality for the price: under £50.

Levi's shouldn't be overlooked either. Their standard ranges are solid and for someone who doesn't have large sums to spend on clothes, they're a good option.

If you do want to splash out though, Levi's have their vintage range.

Here, they've trawled back through the 501 archives and reproduced iconic and important (design wise) jeans from years-gone-by.

Mine are a 1954 pair (well, even I splash out occasionally). The first, apparently, to feature a zip-fly, they're a fairly weighty pair of jeans that came in handy for a couple of trips to Scotland last year.

All of their jeans are available online, but the best way to find the right pair is head to the Levi's Vintage store, just off Carnaby Street, and try a few pairs on.

If you're feeling brave go for an unwashed pair and shrink them to fit. If you're not at all brave (like me), save a little money, reduce the risk and buy a pre-worn pair. Either way, once you find a pair you like, you won't regret it.

Want more denim? Check out Edwin Denim or Gaolhouse Denim (on Buckets and Spades).

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