Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Christmas Presents | Beard oil, Ralph Lauren, and Reiss

I'm at the age now where for Christmas I expect socks, lots of them, and perhaps some alcohol.

I still get some good presents too though.

Mat sent me a bottle of coffee scented beard oil, from the Bearded Man Company - something I have never used before, but would consider buying again - while a friend from Peru brought me some shoes from his own show company.

Someone else (my clever girlfriend) bought me an incredibly neatly boxed Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

It's a staple, the polo shirt, and Ralph Lauren must be the go to for a lot of people - especially if the massive display in Selfridges is anything to go by.

It's a great product. Smart, yet hard wearing, the custom fit is cut well and hugs the shoulders and arms tightly, but not too tightly. The colours are strong too and it takes a good few washes before they fade slightly. I sound like I'm taking the Daz Doorstep Challenge here!

Looking at the small pile of presents under the tree with my name on, I decided to do some Christmas shopping for myself. The early sales were pretty good to me, and I picked up two Reiss shirts for almost half price.

One check and one white shirt, along with a mountain socks and some new underwear - that's the wardrobe staples covered for another year.

Pictures: My Instagram.

More wardrobe staples? Check out the Sunspel loop back sweater.

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