Monday, 15 December 2014

Harris Tweed + ASOS | Classic material, contemporary style

Harris Tweed is getting everywhere, it seems. Those 'Guardians of the Orb' are doing a good job of not just protecting their product, but helping it thrive. An act of Parliament, no less, protects the tweed and guarantees that everything carrying the label contains exactly what it says on the tin.

Following a view smaller projects, ASOS are working once again with Harris Tweed, creating a series of classic Harris Tweed garments, cut to suit their market, as well as a range of more contemporary pieces  - rucksacks, joggers, and overshirts.

The check overshirts are an interesting piece. An evolution of the fashion for thin check shirts of a few years ago, these heavier shirts are perfect for winter and the now ubiquitous pursuit of layers.

The rucksacks and holdalls offer something different too. An opportunity to add some texture to what can be a fairly bland or 'second thought' item.

As ever, these pieces are only available from Worth a look once that Christmas money starts rolling in.

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