Monday, 8 December 2014

Cadence Collection | Hard wearing cycling denim

It can be difficult knowing what to wear as a cyclist. The perfect cycling gear doesn’t equate to the perfect office wear and even casual styles can become worn-out pretty fast by excessive cycling.

Yet cycling is growing in popularity, especially in town and cities where commuting by bus, train, or metro (in London, we call it the tube) can be slow, crowded, and very uncomfortable.

Not unsurprisingly, a lot of brands have made an effort to capitalise on this trend, adapting exist lines or creating new ones to meet the rigours of cycling - the Levi’s Commuter range, being a case in point.

The additional features of these clothes doesn’t limit them to cycling though. The hard wearing nature, combined with style, puts many of these products on par with workwear. As an example, I’m sat writing this in a pair of Levi’s 508 Commuter trousers and haven’t gone near a bike for a couple of months now.

Cadence Collection is a californian cycling brand with a (recent) history of producing denim created for riders. Their range has just reached the UK and their raw denim jeans should come in at under £100, being listed at $110. These jeans are built with features you won’t find in a standard pair, including a reinforced seat, double layer back pockets, and a reflective back patch. The founder of Cadence, Dustin Klein, explains more in this video:

We’re excited about Cadence Collection coming to the UK. It’ll be great to see a pair in ‘action’ and perhaps even put a pair through their paces. Granted, with my limited cycling, they’re unlikely to be tested too hard, but Mat of Buckets and Spades could give them a good go.

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