Sunday, 10 May 2015

Design | Luke Turner Bottle Openers

Beer seems to be at in the top five priorities when me + Nik meet up. The running order goes something like this; coffee, actual work duties + Buckets meeting (coffee before work, yes), checking it with PRs, visiting new stores, and beer.

While you can’t open a PR with a bottle opener, you can open another on the list. A terrible segue way, but we got there!

I spotted these rather cool looking customised bottle openers on Instagram, created by a chap called Luke Turner. He’s only selling them via Instagram right now, which I actually thought was a pretty sweet idea - people turning their social media into a quick turn over-type of side project. Just flogging them out there, no website, just Paypal. I dunno, I just liked the convenience of it all. Especially seeing as you can use the Paypal app on your phone these days.

Anyway, these bottle openers have all been collected over a few years, from various places like second hand shops, car boots, vintage sales…and have been spruced and cleaned up. They’ve been finished off with a little bit of natty paracord, which can be attached to your wallet, keychain or even wrist if you really must.

Find them at @helloluketurner for £8.50 each.

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