Thursday, 12 February 2015

Everyone loves Barbour | Barbour International x Steve McQueen

Barbour. Who doesn't love Barbour? These guys seem to have something for everyone and there list of collaborations is a long as your sleeve (see: Barbour x Deus-Ex Machina | Menswear meets motocycles).

Once again, this year Barbour International launch another Steve McQueen range - possibly the most famous guy to have worn Barbour and definitely one of the most stylish folks to have ever lived.

With his kind of style, who can blame them.

The range includes waxed jackets, a nice looking yellow sweater, and a shirt modelled on one the man himself wore.

They look great and what's more, if you head to a Barbour store you're bound to find loads of other things you'll like. I guarantee it.

In London? Check out the Barbour International store in Piccadilly.

Images: Barbour.

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