Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Twisted Time + Boxpark | Online watches in the real world

I doubt there's many folks out there who've visited Shoreditch and not visited Boxpark. It's a fantastic space to discover new innovations from bands you know well, as well as brands you might never have heard of before.

Twisted Time - a watch 'boutique' - have been online for a few years now, but have only recently taken a step into the physical world, with a store in one of Boxpark's pop-up spaces.

As you'd expect from a boutique store, the focus is on showcasing undiscovered watch brands and designers, sometimes from unusual sources. Braun, for instance, is a well known appliances brand, but not one I'd associate with watches. That said, I was put firmly in my place by my girlfriend and by Mat when I once displayed this shocking level of ignorance in public ;-)

Personally, I'd go there to hunt a Daniel Wellington watch, as my classic Rotary has long since died. A little too different for me, but I'd love to see the HYGGE 2089 series in action and might also be cheeky enough to take a shot with a Junghans on my arm.

If you have some spare shopping time before Christmas, or some cash to spend after, the Twisted Time pop-up at Boxpark would be a good place to visit.

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