Friday, 12 December 2014

Chapman | The Dunmail Collection

Chapman are well known for their rucksacks, shoulder bags, and luggage. Made in England, they're a product that suits a smart look, as demonstrated by their models who are usually pictured in chinos, trousers, and tweed.

Generally, smart is the quintessential look for something made in England. The skill in production, cost of labour, and quality of materials justifiably command a high price, positioning 'made in England' at the higher end of the market.

The Dunmail Collection is, perhaps, a little more casual, so a little more fun. Don't get me wrong: smart shows style, smart shows elegance, smart shows class. It's great when you see a brand experimenting slightly, though, and offering something that's a shade or two different from their usual range.

The colourful options of the Dunmail range - a 25 litre rucksack, padded satchel, and a shoulder pouch - definitely deliver something fun, moving away from being a very useful accessory to a smart outfit, to a much more all-round piece suiting home and travel, work and play.

You can learn more about The Dunmail Collection here, and if anyone gets chance to try one, let me know!

Where to find Chapman: Outside of London, try Severn Wolves in Norwich or Cambridge. In London, Aida on Shoreditch High Street. Other stockists are available.

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