Monday, 8 December 2014

Broughton Boots | Relaunching a family tradition

There's definitely a growing interest in the provenance and heritage of clothes. While well-established brands are looking back through their archives to revise, update, reuse and rejuvenate styles from previous eras, many brands that are just starting out are taking inspiration from the past too.

Broughton Boots is one such brand. Established by the guys responsible for Cubitts glasses, Broughton takes a boot originally designed for coal miners by the founder’s great-great-grandfather and translates this into a product for the modern day.

Made to order in a Northampton factory and featuring a Goodyear storm-welt and an optional steel quarter-heel, the brand is looking for funding via Kickstarter to get the first pairs into production. They've already passed their original target, which means we should get to see the finished product some time soon. Exciting stuff!

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