Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Photography in gaming | GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto (the game, not the crime) has come along was since its first incarnation where a tiny couple of ginger-haired pixels ran around jacking car-shaped oblongs.

At the time, GTA looked stunning though, especially as all I had to compare it to was the dot matrix Game Boy screen I stared myopically at, twiddling the contrast dial until all six dots of Mario were half-visible.

Nowadays, all computer games look ridiculously film-like, to the point where the Hollywood actor's union must be thinking of registering a protest, before they all become little more than voice-over artists.

My copy of GTA 5 is on the PS3, so doesn't look quite as polished as it could; however, Mat's coverage of Curtis McNally's photography from the game inspired me to take some shots of my own. Well, what else is there to do on a dreary Friday evening when everyone else is busy / has lives?

That's the odd beauty of this game. Put down the rifle, get out of the car, have a walk, and stuff just happens around you.

Firing up the Hipstamatic, I snapped away at a Porsche driver stopping to buy road-side fruit (I stole the car), joggers on the beach, a guy chilling on a wall (who then tried to shoot me), orange-glow sunsets, and trendy kids queuing for a club.

It's all happening in Los Santos! And with the camera app registered to Playstation Store and nothing to do on a Friday night, you can capture just a tiny amount of it.

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