Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Hidden London | Soho Whisky Club

It's a total understatement, but there's a lot hidden in London. Well, I say hidden; what I really mean is, there are a plenty of places I don't know about, but other people probably do.

Regardless, I thought that from time-to-time, I'd share the odd place that I've stumbled across on the blog. First up was VauxWall, now it's the turn of Soho Whisky Club.

A members club, though? Yes, it's not really my thing and probably not other people's either, but this club is a bit different - as you've probably guessed, it focuses purely on whisky.

I was invited to Soho Whisky Club a couple of weeks ago for a Christmas tasting of Glenfiddich, with their charismatic UK ambassador Mark Thomson. Fortunately, this time he was just delivering a tasting, not a karaoke microphone in sight.

Through an unassuming door on Old Compton Street, up a narrow flight of wooden stairs, you can't fail to be bowled over by the seemingly endless bottles of whisky lining the walls of this place. The decor is fairly minimal - a sturdy set of tables and chairs is all you really need for tasting whisky.

If you're a member (or a guest) you can buy whisky by the glass (from the 400 bottles) and, if you're that way inclined, you can buy cigars to smoke on the terrace. They also run tastings and the membership form mentions coffee, tea, and free wifi - win, win, win!

Overlooking a busy street in Soho, it's surprising how quiet it seems to be in the club. Passing five or six bottles (or seven) around the table, time flies. Before you know it, it's late, your head's spinning (a little), it's time to head out, find some dinner, and contemplate that membership application form and find a proposer.

Like whisky? Read about my trip to the home of Glenfiddich on Foodepedia.

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